SPEED-5G panel at IEEE DySPAN 2015 in Stockholm

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On 1st October 2015, SPEED-5G organised a panel session at IEEE DySPAN 2015, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, from 29 September to 2 October 2015. The title of the panel was: “Spectrum crunch below 6GHz? 5G trends”. In the panel, key experts from 5G-PPP projects presented and discussed their approaches for tackling the 5G spectrum challenges from different angles.

Oscar Carrasco (Sistelbanda), SPEED-5G project coordinator

Oscar Carrasco (Sistelbanda), SPEED-5G project coordinator

Panelists were:

  • Oscar Carrasco (Sistelbanda), SPEED-5G project
  • Marja Matimikko (VTT), COHERET project
  • Gerhard Wunder (FhG), FANTASTIC-5G project
  • Du Ho Kang (Ericsson), METIS II project

Further information is available on the IEEE DySPAN 2015 website

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