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The SPEED-5G project has started to explore four 5G use cases, in order to develop and validate solutions for optimising the usage of wireless network resources.

Speed-5G Scenarios Overview

Speed-5G Scenarios Overview

Use Case 1: Massive IoT

In the first use case, the project team looks into massive Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, both indoor and outdoor. The challenge here is that current networks were not designed to support a massive number of devices, sensors and actuators. As a result, problems may arise, like, for example, network bottlenecks or congestion in the uplink. Therefore, 5G networks should take IoT aspects into account from the start, in order to effectively handle the amount of traffic in the future. SPEED-5G works on IoT scenarios, in order to effectively address the emerging network challenges through novel RRM and MAC techniques.

Use Case 2: Broadband Wireless

The second use case is dedicated to broadband wireless scenarios, again both indoor and outdoor. It covers home femtocells and aims to provide enhanced solutions in RRM and MAC for good network performance under dense urban conditions.

Use Case 3: Ultra-reliable Communications

Use case three explores ultra-reliable communications scenarios. Such scenarios are usually sensitive to latency, as they require low latency and high availability in order to successfully accommodate the criticality ultra-reliable communications. From this use case the project team aims to learn about the impact of SPEED-5G solutions on latency and availability, in order to check, if the realization of such scenarios is possible, and to what degree.

Use Case 4: Urban Mobility

Speed-5G - Urban communication scenarioThe fourth use case is focused on mobility in an urban environment, which includes vehicles on highways and potentially trains. From this use case, the consortium partners aim to get a better understanding on the allocation of resources to cells for serving moving cars. The effectiveness of SPEED-5G solutions in urban environments characterized by mobility will be assessed in order to be able to provide a more efficient allocation of resources to infrastructure elements under mobility conditions.

The initial description and exploration of 5G use cases and scenarios are the basis for the technical work of SPEED-5G and will, thus, contribute to the project’s solutions for better usage of heterogeneous wireless technologies in 5G networks.

Andreas Georgakopoulos, WINGS ICT Solutions

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