SPEED-5G workshops and booth at EuCNC 2017 in Oulu

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Oulu, Finland

Impressions from Oulu, Finland, the location of EuCNC 2017 (source: Wikipedia; license: CC0)

The 26th edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications – EuCNC 2017 will take place in Oulo, Finland, on 12 to 15 June 2017. The event is focused on communication networks and systems. It aims at showcasing the results of EC-funded R&D projects as well as presenting the latest research developments in the focus areas.

SPEED-5G will contribute via workshops and a demo booth in the exhibition.


SPEED-5G is co-organizer of two workshops:

2nd Edition of the 5GPPP Workshop on 5G PHY/ MAC Layers Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz

Monday, 12 June 2017 (Workshop 3)

The scope of this workshop is to present the major conclusions and results of the FANTASTIC-5G, SPEED-5G and Flex5GWare projects on the design of the new 5G air interface. This will specifically include the findings regarding 5G new waveforms, flexible air interface for the 5G vertical market, coexistence issues, flexible and adaptive novel MAC design, and a much more dynamic management of the available spectrum resources and advanced sensing techniques.

The workshop is organised together with FANTASTIC-5G and Flex5GWare.

Further information on the EuCNC website

Business models and techno-economic studies for 5G networks

Monday, 12 June 2017 (Workshop 6)

This workshop will focus on relevant business- and techno-economic-aspects of future 5G networks. It will provide insight on the business impacts and opportunities from the deployment of 5G networks for all actors in the telecommunications ecosystem such as verticals, incumbent and new operators, service providers, application developers, content providers, regulators, equipment manufacturers etc. The potential for new roles such as brokers, aggregators and marketplaces, will also be discussed.

The workshop is organised together with CHARISMA, SESAME, COHERENT, VirtuWind, NORMA, 5GEx, mmMAGIC, and SELFNET.

Further information on the EuCNC website

SPEED-5G Exhibition booth and demos

The title of SPEED-5G’s Planned exhibition stand is “Quality of Service Provision and Capacity Expansion through Extended-DSA for 5G”, which includes two demos.

The demo booth aims to promote the project’s concept and show to the conference attendants a first impact of flexible RRM and MAC solutions that are being proposed by SPEED-5G. It is important to have SPEED-5G representation in an EC-supported event, in order to show the ongoing work and project’s benefits.

Demo 1 – Dense, unplanned, small-cell deployment, multiple mobile users: For a very large deployment of small cells, with randomly placed cells and UEs, and in the interference-limited case, we have an exact theoretical formula for the distribution of Shannon capacity across users. We propose to take this as a benchmark for achievable system performance in the un-optimized situation, and demonstrate the improvements possible with the SPEED-5G cRRM architecture and its optimization algorithms. The demo will consider the whole distribution of bitrate, not just the average or maximum.

The demo software uses an accurate radio model, allowing estimation of SIR at UEs, which is then mapped onto a bitrate depending on the technology.  Our propagation modelling takes into account the effects of different frequencies. We can thus show the benefits of multiple RATs, each with its specific parameters such as bandwidth and range of modulation schemes.

Demo 2 – Hierarchical management for RAT/spectrum/channel selection: This demo shows the impact of a proposed algorithm which has been designed and developed in the context of Speed-5G for radio resource management (RRM) to cells in order to serve UEs in (un-)licensed and light-licensed (3.5GHz) bands. For the 3.5 GHz band the SAS (Spectrum Access System) model is considered which takes into account incumbents, primary access and general access users.

Please check the SPEED-5G website for updates.

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