SPEED-5G makes important step toward proof of concepts

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SPEED-5G has made an important step towards demonstration of project innovations through the implementation of proof of concepts (PoC) by defining a number of demonstrators in a new project deliverable. The PoCs aim to implement and validate key technical components developed within the project. The demonstrations aim at showcasing feasibility and the added values of the different components of the proposed enhanced MAC/RRM designs. SPEED-5G has defined the envisioned demonstrators, evaluation KPIs, and selected use cases. In addition to an extensive set of planned test cases, the deliverable also describes the available and yet to be developed software and hardware components.

Generic PoC demonstrator setup

Generic PoC demonstrator setup

SPEED-5G has defined 5 intermediate demonstrators, focused on selected topics that aim to validate a number of specific solutions and project innovations:

  • PoC 1: to validate and test the FBMC-MAC design and hierarchical Radio Resource Management (RRM) solution. The demonstrator will showcase basic FBMC MAC supported procedures as well as select UCs,
  • PoC 2: to validate and test the DCS-MAC solution. The demonstrator will showcase essential DCS MAC functions, procedures and selected UCs,
  • PoC 3: to validate the backhaul Point-to-Multipoint (BH PtMP) solution. This demonstrator will showcase the capabilities of the proposed solution (applicable to both PoC 1 and 2) in terms of throughput and delay (with focus on the BH segment),
  • PoC 4: to validate remote centralized RRM (cRRM) functionality/algorithms and communication with PoC 1 and 2,
  • PoC 5: to validate interworking of HD/UHD video traffic generation, monitoring and quality measurements, in conjunction with PoC 1 and 2.

In the next phase, these focused demonstrators will be integrated into a single demonstrator platform (PoC 6), which will be used as the main SPEED-5G integrated testbed for final assessment of the project results.

The test cases encompass both functional tests, which cover tests for evaluation signalling, aggregation and offload procedures, and performance tests, which cover aspects pertaining to metrics of interest, including throughput, delay, loss, data channel performance, and more.

The deliverable “Testbed Architecture and Setup” (D6.1) will be published on the SPEED-5G deliverables portal by 5th July 2017.

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