Partner No.Partner NameShort NameCountryLogo
1University of SurreyUNISUnited KingdomSurrey-Logo
2Eurescom GmbHEURESGermanyEurescom
3BT PlcBTUnited KingdomBT_logo
4Commissariat à l'énergie
atomique et aux
énergies alternatives
5Intel Mobile Communications GmbHIMCGermanyintel
6INTRACOM SA Telecom SolutionsICOMGreece[3play_logo_iBAS
7Instituto de TelecomunicacoesITPortugallogo-IT
8ROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co. KGR&SGermanylogo-IT
9Sistelbanda SA (consortium member until 15 January 2017)SISTELSpainLOGO_SISTELBANDA
10WINGS ICT SolutionsWINGSGreecewings_logo2---Copy
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