The objective of SPEED-5G is to research and develop technologies that address the well-known challenges of predicted growth in mobile connections and traffic volume.

A major challenge is the cost of meeting the objective, in terms of both infrastructure and deployment. Today, lack of dynamic control across wireless network resources is leading to unbalanced spectrum loads and a perceived capacity bottleneck. These will be solved by SPEED-5G through eDSA (extended DSA), which is resource management with three degrees of freedom:

  • densification,
  • rationalized traffic allocation over heterogeneous wireless technologies, and
  • better load balancing across available spectrum.

SPEED-5G will investigate indoor and indoor/outdoor scenarios where capacity demands are the highest, but also where the eDSA will be the most effective at exploiting co-operation across technologies and bands.

The project will focus on two major innovations which are currently missing:

  • resource management techniques across technology ‘silos’, and
  • medium access technologies to address densification in mostly unplanned environments.

The project will leverage flexible radio approaches expected in 5G (e.g. FBMC).

SPEED-5G has a very strong consortium, with a mix of operators, industrial partners, SMEs and leading European research institutes. They bring considerable knowledge and technology background to the project in architecture, resource management, protocols, radios, standardization,trials and tests, along with the most advanced of trial facilities, like the 5GIC centre.

The SPEED-5G innovations will be considered in an architectural framework consistent with the 5GPPP. They will be researched, implemented and tested in SPEED-5G in order to reach a high level of maturity and confidence. This will guarantee impact on the 5G-PPP programme as a whole, on standards, and on European technical leadership.

Speed-5G Project Fact Sheet


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