Over The Top live streaming of ultra-high definition television video – Proof of Concept 5

SPEED-5G project member Rohde & Schwarz has successfully tested Over The Top (OTT) live streaming of ultra-high definition television video (UHDTV) with the newest compression standard HEVC (High efficiency... Read more

Combination of centralised and distributed radio resource management – Proof of Concept 1

Proof of Concept 1 (POC1) is about the combination of centralised and distributed radio resource management (hierarchical RRM) with a novel MAC protocol for higher capacity in small cells.... Read more

Validating SPEED-5G backhaul solutions – Proof of Concept 3

Work at the backhaul segment of SPEED-5G network architecture aims at (a) increasing the available throughput per link and capacity per area, (b) reducing the hop latency, (c) increasing... Read more

SPEED-5G demos on novel spectrum resource management solutions

The SPEED-5G project consortium demonstrated its novel solutions for spectrum resource management to an interested audience at its workshop in London on 7th March 2018. The descriptions and videos... Read more

Productive discussions on spectrum management in 5G+ networks at SPEED-5G workshop in London

Spectrum management is currently a hot topic. The strong audience interest in the SPEED-5G workshop on ‘Advanced spectrum management in 5G+ networks’ underlined this. The workshop was hosted by... Read more

Implementation of a dynamic spectrum access protocol

SPEED-5G has done a real-time implementation of the novel Filter-Bank Multicarrier (FBMC)-based MAC protocol, which is capable of dynamic channel switching. The FBMC-MAC protocol has been described in public... Read more

YouTube video on key achievements of SPEED-5G

In a three-minute YouTube video, project coordinator Klaus Mößner from University of Surrey presents key achievements of SPEED-5G, including the results on eDSA (extended Dynamic Spectrum Access) and the... Read more

SPEED-5G paper on context-aware radio resource management

In September 2017, the reputable EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking (EURASIP JWCN) published a peer-reviewed open access paper by SPEED-5G. The paper describes project results on “Context-aware... Read more

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