The table below includes the list of the SPEED-5G public deliverables.

D No Deliverable name Delivery date
D2.1 Dissemination plan and innovation roadmap M4
D2.2 Intermediate Standardization and Dissemination Activity Report M12
D2.3 Final Standardization and Dissemination Activity Report M33
D3.2 SPEED-5G enhanced functional and system architecture, scenarios and performance evaluation metrics M12
D4.1 Metric definition and preliminary strategies and algorithms for RM M12
D4.2 RM framework and modelling M21
D5.1 MAC approaches with FBMC and simulation results (first version) M12
D5.2 MAC approaches with FBMC (final) M24
D6.1 Testbed architecture and setup M24
D6.2 Hybrid simulations with hardware in the loop M30
D6.3 Testbed deployment and trials M33
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