The lists below include the publications/presentations/other written/given by the SPEED-5G representatives.


  • Simone Redana, Cinzia Sartori (Nokia Networks, Uwe Dötsch, Mark Doll, Bessem Sayadi (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs), Xavier Costa (NEC Europe); Miguel A. Puente (ATOS), Markus Breitbach, (Deutsche Telekom), Serban Purge (Orange), Ignacio Berberana (Telefonica I+D), Roberto Lambiase (Azcom Technology), Eiko Seidel (Nomor Research), Simon Saunders (Real Wireless), Mischa Dohler (King´s College London), Hans Schotten (University of Kaiserslautern), Albert Banchs (University Carlos III of Madrid): SPEED-5G: A NOvel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture for 5G networks. European Conference and Networks (EuCNC), June 29 – July2, 2015, Paris, France


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