Event name / material name Papers / presentation title Activity event material type Authors Status of publication Download Link
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (VTM) Resource Sharing in 5G Contexts: Current Status and Prospects - Journal - WINGS accepted
 IET Journal of Signal Processing Energy Efficient Interference Management in LTE-D2D Communication - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz
- Kazi saidul
- Frascolla, Valerio
- Jonathan
published link
Wiley “Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies" Quality of Service Provision and Capacity Expansion through Extended-DSA for 5G - Journal - Uwe Herzog
- Michael Fitch
- Keith Briggs
- Óscar Carrasco
- Salva Díaz
- Klaus Moessner
- Benoit Miscopain
- Shahid Mumtaz
submitted link
IEEE Communication Letter WiFi in Licensed Band (WiFi-Lic)  - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz
- Anwer Al-Dulaimi
- Firooz B. Saghezchi
- Kazi saidul
- Jonathan
published link
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials Licensed Spectrum Sharing Schemes for Mobile Operators: A Surveys and Outlook - Journal - Hosseini Tehrani
- Seiamak Vahid
- Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou
- Haeyoung Lee
- Klaus Moessner
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Transmission Capacity Analysis of Relay-Assisted Device-to-Device Overlay/Underlay Communication - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz
- Jonathan
IEEE Access Journal Energy-Efficient Stable Matching for Resource Allocation in Energy Harvesting Based Device-to-Device Communications - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz accepted
MDPI, Journal of applied sciences Joint Relay Selection and Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient D2D Cooperative Communications using Matching Theory - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz accepted
 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Optimal Spectrum Access and Power Control of Secondary Users in Cognitive Radio Networks - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz accepted
Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems Combinatorial Resource Allocation in D2D Assisted Heterogeneous Relay Networks - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz accepted
IEEE Access Journal Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in D2D-Assisted Heterogeneous Networks with Relays - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz accepted
Springer Smart Heterogeneous Networks: A 5G paradigm - Journal - Shahid Mumtaz accepted
IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Special Issue on “Dynamic Spectrum Management for 5G" Multi-RAT Dynamic Spectrum Access for 5G Heterogeneous Networks: The SPEED-5G Approach - Journal - WINGS et al. accepted
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