The project will contribute to standards that are developing 5G. Some new initiatives are particularly interesting to the project, such as the ETSI work on receiver specifications and the 5G working groups within the Small Cell Forum and WWRF. The project can contribute to the stabilisation and development of these initiatives and use them for bringing SPEED-5G innovations towards the mass market.


At the 3GPP SA WG1 standardization meeting #74 held in Venice on 9-13 May 2016, Intel presented on behalf of the SPEED-5G consortium the discussion paper “Enhanced spectrum access use cases for 5G systems: the vision of the European funded projects ADEL and SPEED-5G“ (S1-161308). It is linked to the ongoing Release 13 Study Item called SMARTER (New Services and Markets Technology Enablers).

Documents from the 3GPP SA WG1 standardization meeting in Venice

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